Doesn’t your school feel like a cage?

Is school really meant to be caged in four walls?

Isn’t the trend of education brought in by the western world killing the traditional method of Indian education which was once responsible for exponential rise of India in the field of Science.Isn’t the black board and benches in a cage of concrete disrupting the overall growth of an individual.

Do schools the temple of knowledge really requires to be a cage?

Should learning really be expensive?

Shouldn’t we learn from the evidence of remains on stone and palm leaves the ways of teaching used by us in ancient times.Times from the rigveda when our system used to be more focused on both the inward and outward development of the students.

Ancient Indian Educational System

The ancient India education comprised of the Vedas, Upanishads and Dharma sutras . From Shilpa shastra (Architecture) to Krida (Games) everything was the part of the ancient education system. The Guru and pupils both equally participated on the learning process. There were also peer learning and elder student taught younger with the group work.

Gurukul,Viharas and Universities use to be the institution of learning.The students gained knowledge not by reading but by several real life experiences.Apart from real life experience there learning process was mainly oral and the students were required to remember every aspects by the help of regular meditation.

Students and teacher lived together in the Gurukul. The motive behind was to build a bonding between the guru and shishya ( teacher and student).The students were made to live away from there native for the whole extent of there learning process.

In ancient India king and society were promoting education actively. The renowned University like Nalanda and Takshashila was the education platform for those who were interested for higher studies.

Those times symbolises education at zero cost for every students as the motive of the education was contribution towards society.

Uniqueness of the ancient Indian education

Education system of the ancient India is quite different from the current times in several aspects. The relationship between the Shishya and guru was one of the core focus of the system. The students were not restricted by the syllabus oriented subjects but they were skilled and taught about dealing daily issues. There were vocational training also where students recived training under the liege. The crucial detai that should be noted was that education, food and boarding were all taken care by the guru without even charging a penny.

Ancient education in Architectural Context

As an Architect I feel very enthusiastic about ancient education system. In the gurukul system the teacher sat under a tree surrounded by his students making a circle, which was one of the main feature of the school architecture . This kind of seating arrangement help the students to say continuously connected with the teacher. Teaching in the open air helped the students in staying connected with nature all the time this in turn helped in increasing the students parameter of attention during the classes.

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