Searching for a location to experience tribal culture at your nearest?

Toto para happens to be one of the prime destination you can taste.

A hamlet lying at 26.83N and 89.13E on the mug of the earth. Residing in the eastern end of Dooars in West Bengal. Administratively aforementioned bourg falls under the Madrihat police station at about 5km from Ballalguri the South of Toto para.

It's predominantly a rural area with about 79.38% of it's residents living in the agrestic

areas and the rest 20.62% living in the only municipal town held by the district.

Along with the Toto tribe this area provide shelter to quite a number of Nepalese.

In this newly made block hosts living to about 5000 people and among about 1603 are one of the countries oldest tribe the Totos.


The Toto is a small tribal group residing in a dorp named Toto para. The totos are considered as people of mongoloid decent.

For instance the physical features common are small eyes, thick lips, flat nose, broad and square cheeks and black iris.

Literacy Rate

About 58.05% literate people resides in the region as per 2011 census of population over 6 years.

Primary Facilities

This area hostes only one primary school and high school along with a primary health care center.

Our journey to Toto para from Coochbehar

We kicked started our engine from Coochbehar and wended our way towards Sonarpur. On reaching Sonarpur we witnessed one of most famous forest Chilapata . Pushing forward we crossed Hasimara shadowed by madari hat road heading towards . There we found a single lane motorable road leading to the hamlet from the national highway 31 through Hantapara.

Toto para traditional architecture

On arriving at our destination Toto para we met Mr Suren Toto a hereditary resident of the bourg. He invited us to pay a visit to his place.On setting foot at his place we perceived his house which was a perfect replica of the Toto traditional architecture. There were two rooms and a separate room for prayer better know as Thakur Ghar. They had beautiful kitchen garden and used the waste water from the household to feed the garden. Bamboo straw and clay held the walls of house and the roof was made of straw.According to our study few years ago there houses were made on tree but now days they are just elevated from the ground.

Culture of Toto para

The Toto family were a firm believer in the traditional joint family but with the evolution of time few nuclear families have started to emerge within the tribe. The Toto tribe follows some strict marriage customs. The tribe gladly accepts monogamy , polygamy and love marriage but there is no existence of any divorce system. According to there system one can remarry after the death of spouse but marriage with other community is strictly prohibited as the Totos are highly conscious about their tribal identity.

There are four types of marriage in their community:-

1.Marriage by negotiation (Thul-behoea)

2.Marriage by escape (Chor-behoea)

3.Marriage by capture (Sam-behoea)

4.Love Marriage (Lamalami)

Religious Customs

The Toto tribals consider themselves as hindus. Apart from the vedic God and Goddess the toto's are a firm worshiper of God Ispha and Godess Chiema.

The totos believes that Lord Ispha resides in the hills of buttan and may cause illness when dissatisfied so the totos offers him animal sacrifice and eu to please him and they too believe that Godess Chiema protects the hamlet from all kinds of troubles and illnesses they offer her rice ,fowls and eu to please her.

They consider Anchu puja and Kali puja as their main festival .

They celebrate the 60 days of Dhol Anchu puja with special toto dance.

Ruling System

The Totos follow the traditional Royal ruling ruling system according to them Kaiji(man) and Gapan (woman) rule them.


They use toto language as their main mode of communication.

Agricultural & Economical Activities

The Toto's cultivate land for mainly ginger and betel nuts. They earn there living predominantly by trading betel nuts.

Food Habits

Marua used to be their primary food but following the footsteps of time there food habits are slowly mixing itself with Bengali food habits.

Main Attraction

The Toto para holds in itself a unique taste of tribal culture which is one of a kind and the place hosts a geographical advantage of being very close to Dooars. Hence a small tour in Toto para can be shadowed by a trip to Dooars.

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