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Hriday designers ( Architect)

Reg. No. : 2011117750

 Address: Kalighat Rood Number 2, Guriahati, Rupshi Colony, Cooch Behar, West Bengal 736101 Website :

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 Phone: 89723 70807 

About us :

Hriday Designer glimpsed the twilight in the year 2020 under the leadership of Ar. Pratyushha Gupta 

Ms. Pratyushha polished off her diploma in architecture from Woman's Polytechnic College Chandan Nagar followed by her B.Arch in architecture from Om Dayal Group Of Institution .

Hriday Designers believes in beauty of concoction of designs hinged on human emotions accompanied by Indian traditional designs and the use of some modern strokes to feed our design the final piece to mold a master piece.

Hriday designers aspires by the idea of bring back to life the beauty that lies in ancient Indian architecture with blinkers of the modern time trying to enhance its beauty.

Jutting out balconies, arc top doors and windows, arc shaped ceilings, corinthian column, chandelier and many more won't be fables of past in the near future.

The elegance and inventiveness of architecture that sprawls in Indian tribal culture for exemplar-the houses in Kerala made completely of reusable eco-friendly mediums, the Iikal weaver’s house , costal andhra houses, toto para tribal houses,palaces of Bundi,chettinad houses ,the pink city of India and many more is unrivaled and it deserves to be nursed with care. Hriday designers will give it's utmost in preservation of such beautiful architecture in our designs.

Our designs are also highly impelled by employ of several local handy crafts in our designs while striving to behold the hereditary elegance of the region.

For instance use of terracotta in making of roof tiles, shingles, chimney pots shadowed by use of wicker in wall partitions, ceiling lights, couches and making of flooring, paving, cladding walls and floors by the use of sandstone and a lot more .

Basis of our work -

Each and every of our design is framed based on the -

.client choices,belief & emotions

.climatic condition of the region

.warm living conditions for our clients

.best arrangement for natural lighting .security

.cost effectiveness

.abundance supply of fresh air

.natural cooling

.proper ventilation

.environment friendly materials


On top of our respect and love for ancient Indian architecture we too have a keen eye on modern architecture. We do contemplate the simplicity and efficiency of modern architecture as it's elements of distinction.

We to whole heartedly worship the work of some of most renowned architect like for instance Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling water and Philip Johnson's Glass Houses.

On top of our catalog for modern architecture we focus highly on the relationship between interior space and sites while keeping the privacy of our clients intact and list moves on to provide our client the maximum comfort possible, open and flowing interior space, generous use of glass and natural lighting, sometimes use of traditional materials in new ways and always trying to reduces waste, pollution and environmental degradation in our work as well as trying to maximise natural light from the sun through window walls, uncommon positioning, skylights or panoramic windows while trying to -

-reduce your your fuel bills by harnessing passive solar heating.

-Regulating of circadian rhythms

-And to present you with a stunning design and an unspoiled view.

We do keep our innovation and creativity high up our chart trying to take our design to a different dimension in creating interior more spacious and easily interactive. We do hold our Neves

in every minute detail that could make a cosmic difference in the long run.

So, if you don't want to spend too much and or not fond of too classy looks or need something as soon as possible which would be energy efficient ,nature friendly and beautiful our modern design is the righteous choice you can make .